Conflict Management Level 3

36 GLH


3 Days

+ Distance Learning Element

The Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training (QCF) has been developed to meet the requirements of teachers and trainers who wish to deliver scenario-based conflict management training.

The qualification is suitable for delivery across a wide range of sectors and is of particular benefit to those delivering training in a customer-facing role. The qualification also meets the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for those delivering the licence to practice qualifications which include scenario-based conflict management training.

Who Should Attend? Entry Requirements

Personnel who have a responsibility for understanding behaviour and personality in an environment where conflict can occur and are often required to deal with difficult customers in an assertive manner. Candidates are required to hold a minimum of a Level 3 teaching qualification (e.g. Level 3 Award PTLLS, Level 3 Award in Education & Training) before they can be accepted onto this course.

Course Structure

The course expects that candidates are competent in the basic development of lesson plans, basic presentation and delivery of classroom-based learning. In addition to this, candidates will need knowledge and understanding of the sector in which they will be delivering, for example security training, customer service, hospitality and the retail sector.

Course Content

Unit 1: Managing conflict in the workplace when dealing with Customers, Service Users
or the Public Assessed by a 30-question multiple-choice examination.

Unit 2: Delivering Scenario-based conflict management training Assessed by a portfolio
of evidence, workplace project completed during home-study phase.


The programme is divided into two units and is assessed through a multiple-choice test and a portfolio of evidence. Successful candidates will be awarded the Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training (QCF)


Price on request: includes, text books, student handbook, research CD, assessment, examination and certification: (Delivered over 3 days includes an element of distance learning).